Monday, June 28, 2010

The Year In Review...The Elephant House

The July 4th firecrackers bursting around me have reminded me that I've been here for a year now. It's been so great nesting and dorking out on permaculture projects! Let's have a little "Year in Review" Michele Senitzer's 1st year at
"The Elephant House."
There was: building the coop and getting chickens, making rain barrels for rain catchment and installing a gutter system, crafting raised bed planters and a perimeter garden, refurbishing and installing an outdoor bath that greywaters to landscape plants, vermicomposting, building kenyan top bar hives and catching and installing a swarm, creating a home fueling station to settle, filter, and pump waste veggie oil, a solar powered barrel fish pond, upgrading to a low flow toilet, getting attic insulation, and planting over 30 organic heirloom vegetable varieties, culinary and medicinal herbs while tending to and planting several fruit trees and berry vines. 90% of the materials for these projects came from reclaimed, repurposed, and recycled materials.
Kim (Daluca) and I brewed wine from foraged berries, made mead and kahlua, jams, fermented sauerkraut and kimchee, pickles, preserved lemons, pickled eggs and beets, grew kombucha, foraged chantrelles, black trumpets, mussels, and greens and oyster shells for the chickens.
I also fixed, installed, demolished, improved, and troubleshooted more odd jobs than you want to see more lists of...
In the spirit of starting where you are, I'd say it was a great year!
With a strong desire to live sustainably I currently produce fuel, fruits, veggies, compost, eggs, and honey. I am interested in local food bartering, skillsharing, and seed swapping for continued variety as spice for life.
Goals for year 2 include backyard aquaponics and repurposing the front yard into an edible oasis with an herb spiral and raised beds using sheet mulching.

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