Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aw shucks...

How can you please the hedonist while simultaneously multitasking and running an errand? Take a roadtrip to collect oyster shells in beautiful Tomales Bay for your chickens! Tomales Bay Oyster Co. is one of the best spots for oysters along the Marin Coastline in Pt. Reyes. Getting them to go, or bbqing them at an outdoor picnic spot onsite is a real treat. Daluca and I popped in the other day to gather shells for the ladies... Oyster shells are made of calcium carbonate same as eggshells, and calcium is essential for a strong shell. At home I spread them out outside in the sun and then crush them into bite sized pieces. We've decided next time we come we'll do some fishing as well. No shortage of oyster shells here, and they're free for the taking!

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