Wednesday, November 21, 2012

King Boletes

It's officially Bolete season with King Boletes popping along the coast from the SF Bay area to Salt Point State Park and up through Fort Bragg, CA.  The Fort Bragg Botanic Garden is even advertising Magnificent Mushrooms and they were there!  Some folks leaving the park were disappointed they didn't find mushrooms in the garden but we found many, including this King Bolete (Boletes Edulis - also sometimes referred to as Porcini or Cep) that was labeled.  I am sure it's because we knew what habitats to look for.  We left the mushrooms there of course but snapped these groovy photos.

2 King Boletes - Growing under Pine
King Bolete 2

As we walked on through the park, we came to more pine and spotted an Amanita Muscaria which often grows near King Boletes.

We took this as a sign that Boletes could be growing nearby and we were right.  We of course only kept the photos.  ;-)

We also found Chanterelles in the Botanic Garden

The next day we went out on our own searching for King Boletes.  It didn't take long.  Not far from Fort Bragg we found these fine specimens in a grassy field under mature Bishop Pine.

It was an amazing day!  We took these home, cooked up some and dried some.  We also left lots behind, so get out there today.  Time is ticking.

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