Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Harvest

It's Fall and the harvest is bountiful. It's early November and I want to clear some space for Winter greens. I have been picking delicious aromatic carrots, gorgeous beets, and peppers galore. Squashes and kale are plentiful. I have also been harvesting broccoli shoots regularly. The Crane melons from Baker Creek Seeds were disappointing, they smelled so good but never got sweet. The tomatillos are done and I will miss them. Favas are up and brussels are growing and there are ripe cherry tomatoes by the dozen. The "front yard to garden" project is underway and will soon be a giant squash patch, paths and gardens, with an herb spiral in the middle. This summer was a strange growing season though, and the peppers came in really late. I still have 3 giant Black Beauty eggplant plants with flowers but no eggplants. This Winter I am looking forward to giant mustards and collard greens (something different than kale!), broccoli and beans with plenty of rain for the garden.

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