Friday, March 12, 2010

Wheat Grass

Considered a superfood, wheatgrass is an easy addition to your garden. It is said to be a heavy metal detoxifier and widely believed to help prevent cancer. Containing more chlorophyll than even leafy greens, a shot a day is like consuming pure sunshine/ pure life. Wheatgrass is superior in b12, phosphorus, and vitamin e, and enzymes. To digest it however, it must be juiced or dehydrated at a low temperature and ground into a powder. It can be a bit too bitter and intense on an empty stomach (best absorption on empty stomach) and so sometimes juicing an apple along with it aids the flavor. Personally I love the taste of freshly juiced grasses! I generally start with a tray fill it 3/4 with soil, spread a thick, generous heap or organic wheatberries available in bulk at our local market, bury under 1/2 of soil or so, water and wait. Keep the soil moist. It’s a fast, easy grow with sprouts within 3-4 days and ready to consume within 8-14 days. The grass will quickly regrow after being cut and continued production is very possible. Note: if trays are placed on soil or ground it will quickly grow through the tray and become rooted. A shot a day keeps you healthy and gay


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