Saturday, February 20, 2010

Black Trumpets in Oakland

Chanterelle hunting this year was really great! Michele and I found more than we could pick under Oaks in nearby parks around Oakland. But the greatest find was these black trumpet mushrooms.  Many mushroom hunters keep their spots secret from others and now I understand why.  These are a rare find in Oakland and my new favorite wild mushroom to discover.  There were some sneaky mushroom look alikes and poison oak that a newby might overlook growing nearby so be careful on your hunt. 

 Chanterelles and Black Trumpets (Black Chanterelles)

If you are new to mushrooming, do not miss the monthly rainy season forays to Salt Point State Park (North of Jenner, CA) with the Mycological Association of San Francisco or the Sonoma County Mycological Association where guides are on hand to help with identification.  Black trumpets fruit heavily in Salt Point State Park around February.  Salt Point State Park is beautiful any time of the year, even in the rain.  It is also a place where people dive the kelp beds for abalone.  Following the foray is a potluck of epic proportions.  Bring a dish or wine to share and if you are lucky, they may cook up the mushrooms there and if you are even luckier, someone there might share some fresh picked abalone.  P.S., watch for delicious smoked salmon, random cows and fog on the way on scenic CA route 1.

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